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WP Plugins Dynamic Content for Elementor - Widgets for Elementor v1.8.5.1

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Smooth Transitions beetwen all pages of your site
Manage transition effects between pages from global controls for the whole site.

Tracker Header Sticky header
It slides out of view when scrolling down and slides back in when scrolling up.

Cursor Tracker Interactive interface
An element that follows the cursor and indicates the level of scrolling.

CopyPaste Cross-site
Copy your content from a Site to Another with different domain with the simplicity of classic Copy/Paste operation!

Email Template
You can send emails with the layout easily created in the Elementor templates.

You can export data received from forms to any external services.

You can save in DB all data received from forms as Post, Term or User.

PDF Generator
Generate a PDF with dynamic data from forms to store it or send as email attachment.

Message Generator
Tired of the usual banal messages? Display a enchanted message full of color and contents.

Conditional Fields
Add Conditional Logic to form fields, create a variable form based on user choice.

Repeater Field
You can integrate the repeater field into your templates of posts and pages for create Grid, Masonry, Table, Slide and Carousel.

Dynamic Tag Tokens
You can apply TOKEN on all text and number fields, furthermore the elementor-pro form can accept dynamic values to pre-fill the field value.

Dynamic Tag Template
Easily incorporate your Elementor Template everywhere in just one click!

Button Calendar
Don’t let your users forget an appointment, add the event to his calendar with a single click.

PDF Button
A button to generate pdf of the page or of a specific portion.
Ideal for creating the paper based page using the Elementor template.

Add to Favorites

To store data by user, global or in cookies, you can create wish lists or remember the pages that your users like.

Improve your website’s potential through additional widgets, expanding Elementor’s functionality.
Dynamically control its different components using Elementor’s templates.
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