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Free Download Fake Activity 1.1 – XenForo 2 activity cheat
This addon will show the fake actions of the selected or random user for a certain time, it shows the online user and his activity.Screenshot Xenforo Fake activity.png

– The administrator can set user IDs or specify the number of users who will watch online.
– On a random user, only participants are selected whose last activity is within 10 days.
– The administrator can also set the date range for fake actions
– The false activity of the online user will change every 10 minutes
– The online user looks like a surf forum (any random topic or forum)
– Show the online guest between the minimum and maximum ranges
– Add the function of creating a fake account means that if the number of random users (value for the second parameter) exceeds the total number of users of the system, then two fake users will be created on each page refresh.
– Optimize the query when choosing a random user
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